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Are you confused by all the conflicting information about diets and weight loss? You see a new diet guaranteed to answer all your dreams advertised weekly and the only thing you really end up losing is your money!


Are you tired? Less stamina and strength then you had just a year ago? Brain fog? Concentration lacking? Memory failing? It isn’t just “normal aging”.


Confused about hormones? Should you? Shouldn’t you? What does “natural hormone therapy” mean? Can you control your hot flashes or low libido without drugs?


Scared to follow the same path as your parents but see yourself heading that way? Has talking to your doctor become just a refilling of prescriptions and the dreaded words, “it is just part of getting older".

Jackie Felts Poirot, R.Ph., CCN,

Masters in Wellness, BS Pharmacy

At Poirot Pharmacy Services, we are here for you. Our strategies for Anti-Aging can help you fight the signs of aging. Jackie is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She has trained through an aggressive program and completes over a hundred hours of continuing education each year to maintain her accreditation in both Anti-Aging and Pharmacy.


Jackie has a certification in Medication Therapy Management. This training authorizes her to review pharmaceutical medications and help you balance your needed drug therapies for the right dose, right time, and the right medication for each individual patient.

Jackie can review your diet. Are you eating foods that can cause your weight gain? With a diet review and testing if necessary, you can soon discover what foods are friend or foe for your individual makeup. If you need an specific diet, it will be explained to you. Even a trip or two to the grocery store can be arranged. GMO, organic, non-organic, mercury toxins, hormones in our foods, BHA, preservatives, all of these confusing terms will be explained. We want you to succeed and we can help you understand the complicated food system that we now live in. 

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