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Jackie Felts Poirot, Masters in Wellness, BS Pharmacy, CCN, R.Ph.

  • Graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and obtained a Registered Pharmacist Degree in 1984.

  • Licensed pharmacist for more than 25 years.

  • Masters in Wellness from Chatham University in Pittsburgh.

  • Diplomate of ABAAHP and Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

  • Has worked in many traditional pharmacy settings including hospital and retail before becoming convinced that wellness and preventative medicine was the key to longevity.

  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

  • Completed extensive studies in men’s and women’s health-related issues including hormone replacement therapies, chronic illnesses and weight loss.

  • Homeopathics and traditional chinese medicine.

  • Certification in Medication Therapy Management

  • Certification in Immunization Therapy

  • Certification in Patient Centered Diabetic Care

  • Certification in First Line Therapy Healthy Weight Management

  • Certification in Sterile Compounding

As a functional medicine practitioner and clinical pharmacist, I understand both the complexity of pharmaceutical medications and integrative health solutions.

To schedule an appointment or a consultation, please email the clinic through the contact page.Please be sure to include: name, phone number, email and what type of services you are interested in.


Why use functional medicine?

After many years as a traditional pharmacist it became clear to me that traditional medicine can be improved upon with the addition of complimentary therapies which include good nutrition, exercise and the proper supplements, when necessary. I began searching for other ways to improve my own health and the health of others, through diet, supplementation, exercise and integrative approaches and found that one can not only improve, but regain control over their health through this philosophy.


Our Philosophy:

To improve the quality of life for our patients through an integrative approach which encompasses the whole body, mind and spirit of the client. Using a combination of allopathic and functional medicine, our clients are empowered to have better overall wellness and desired longevity throughout their lifetime.


As a functional medicine consultant and clinical pharmacist, I understand pharmaceuticals and integrative health solutions. I can help you find a new approach to your health concerns.

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