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“I do not tolerate vitamins very well”,  or so I thought before I met Jackie Poirot.  I said they made me sick, of course I took them all at the wrong time and bought them from any sale table I could find. If the label had the word nature  on it or the picture of the sun I thought they must be good. 


I am a cancer survivor, I need vitamins to counter deficiencies created by my treatments.  Jackie requested blood testing that my doctor and Oncologist never requested.  She found I was a poor metabolizer and need fish oil, vitamin D3 and vitamin B6 to name a few.


Once started on a pharmaceutical  grade vitamin with the specific type of Vitamin D or B that I really needed my tolerance to vitamins was no longer an  issue.  I was evidently intolerant of poor grade vitamins and unneeded Vitamin D6 when I was grossly insufficient for Vitamin D3.


I am 60 now, or a little over 60, I blamed my lack of energy and poor conditioning on my age and arthritis.  A proper regime of vitamins has restored my energy level and I now have a treadmill desk and clock 10, 000 steps a day.  If Jackie can address graying hair then I will be perfect.





My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 7 years.  After several failed attempts, a friend gave me Jackie's name and number.  Jackie and I met for a consultation and after giving me an in-depth explanation (in layman's terms), she suggested a plan for me.  After a few months of following her direction, I felt better, looked better, and my body chemistry was back on track.  So my husband and I went through in vitro and nine months later, our son was born.  Even though she won't accept the accolades, if it wasn't for Jackie and her expertise, it's quite possible I wouldn't be a parent right now.  Thank you for everything, Jackie.  Not only am I a lifelong client, I also consider you my friend.   





I am truly honored to provide a testimonial about Jackie; she literally saved my life.  I had been suffering from various autoimmune diseases (I had 4 different diagnoses from 4 different rheumatologists, the last of which finally admitted that the doctors really didn’t know what to call my illness). The disease caused pervasive and acute arthritis throughout my entire body.  It affected my hands, arms, shoulders, knees, hips and spine.  I went from being fully functioning (I had trained to be a yoga teacher just 2 years earlier) to being completely crippled in a matter of about 8 weeks.  I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t cut my own food, I could no longer type (which I was required to do for my job), and my husband had to help me brush my teeth and my comb my hair because the pain and the lack of mobility was absolutely unbearable.  I also couldn’t perform even the simplest tasks such as getting on the floor to play with my children or reading my children a book.  And, I hadn’t slept more than a few hours in several months because sleeping exacerbated the swelling and the stiffness, making the sleeping hours some of the most excruciating.  The first rheumatologist that I saw told me that the progression of my disease was so acute that I would likely be permanently and totally disabled by the time that I was 43 (I was 38 at the time).  The doctors put me on a regimen of steroids, methotrexate (a drug used in chemotherapy) and Enbrel. The drugs completely destroyed my immune system. I suffered from countless viruses within months of starting the regimen, I had very little energy, and thanks to the methotrexate, I lost about 70% of my hair.  And, although the symptoms were lessening, they weren’t completely gone, and I just felt run down and exhausted all of the time.  I was also having to have my liver function tested every 3 months because the drugs are known to cause liver failure.


Then, I met Jackie.  Jackie immediately tested me for food intolerances, and she began by healing my digestive system – my leaky gut, which was the root of all of my symptoms.  Admittedly, cutting out certain allergens (chocolate, in particular) was not the easiest thing that I have ever done, but once I eliminated all of the offending foods and started on Jackie’s protocol, it was only a matter of weeks before I noticed a world of difference.  When I first saw Jackie, may sed rate (which measures inflammation) was at a 25, which is very high. Thus, even on all of the prescription drugs, the inflammation was still present in my body – although the drugs were masking the symptoms. I started Jackie’s protocol, and within 3 months, my sed rate cut in half.  At that point, I asked my rheumatologist if I could step down off of the steroids.  I stopped taking the steroids over the course of several weeks, and when I was tested again 3 months later, and my sed rate dropped in half again.  The bottom line is that over the course of the next year, I stopped taking all of the prescription medication, and my sed rate continued to drop to an almost non-existent number.  And, I had absolutely no signs or symptoms of arthritis. The results were entirely because of Jackie and the protocol that she developed for me.  As I have told many people considering holistic treatments, the blood-work didn’t lie.  Jackie's regimen healed me completely, but the traditional medicine simply made me sicker.


I have now been under Jackie’s  treatment for almost 3 years.  And, I have never looked or felt better in my life.  I can exercise at a level that I hadn’t been able to achieve since I was in my 20’s.  And, I am in better shape than I was in my 20’s (I am now 42). This is unbelievable given that I couldn’t even touch my toes or put my arms over my head when I first met Jackie. People ask me all the time how I can stand not eating foods that I love, and I tell them, if you knew the alternative, it wouldn’t even be a question.  I look at that food like poison, because honestly, to my body, that’s what it is.  I have Jackie to thank for all of this.  I have referred many people to her because, frankly, anyone who saw me at my sickest will say that my transformation is nothing short of a miracle.  And, as far as I’m concerned, Jackie is just that.





Working with Jackie has changed my life.  For years, I suffered from health issues ranging from migraines and asthma to infertility.  My doctors could find no reason why I was sick.  They unsuccessfully treated my symptoms with medications that caused side effects, making things worse.  My husband encouraged me as I went to specialists in larger cities, tried acupuncture, and desperately researched, hoping for answers.  Eventually, we heard about Poirot Pharmaceutical Services. 


Jackie reviewed my lab work and immediately caught alarming information that my medical practitioners overlooked.  She sought the root of problems rather than simply treating symptoms.  She provided alternative solutions and nutritional supplements that worked with my body to heal it.  She also identified a number of food sensitivities that, when eliminated from my diet, dramatically improved my health.


After only six months of modifying my diet and supporting my health with nutritional supplements, my husband and I naturally conceived a baby boy, much to the surprise of our friends and family who had given up hope.  I haven’t had a migraine since avoiding foods that were causing me to be sick.  My asthma is under control with limited medication.  My quality of life has improved far beyond my expectations.


Jackie has been our miracle worker.  She gave us hope when there was none.  Without a doubt, I would still be sick had it not been for her.  Jackie offers a rare balance between knowledge of traditional medicine and a more holistic perspective.  She is smart and great at finding answers, but also truly interested in the health and wellness of her patients.  I will always be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her, and thankful for her ability to drastically improve my health and life for the better.





Jackie Poirot has directed  my health distresses above the minimum levels which my Doctors have accepted as "the aging part of life".   She is a consummate professional dedicated to getting to know each client and cover all avenues of  health.  She has assisted me in identifying, managing and overcoming allergies, stress weight gain, and leveling hormone levels.  I consider her the health management trusted advisor for myself and many family and friends in which she has helped in amazing ways.





I have been working with Jackie for the past several months in improving my overall health. My health issues are complex and there are no easy remedies or cures. She began by reviewing extensive lab work that had been done a few months before our first appointment. She recommended some additional testing and started me on several supplements. Since I am new to the area, she also gave me the names of several specialists she has worked with in the past. I have enjoyed working with all of her recommended physicians.


The supplements Jackie has recommended have helped me tremendously. As new issues have arisen ( sensitivity to supplements and  medications mostly), she has done extensive research to find alternatives. Jackie very firmly believes that everyone can and should have good health , and therefore she does not give up when presented with a health obstacle . She thinks creatively and performs extensive research until she finds a possible solution.


I highly recommend Jackie to anyone searching for better health who does not wish to rely solely on prescription medications. Aside from her professional competence, she is a very personable and a pleasure to work with.





I am 36 years old and have been suffering from a wide variety of symptoms such as chronic insomnia, excessive food sensitivities, weight loss, fatigue, hot flashes, etc. I was frustrated and hopeless as many doctors I had seen in the past were not able to help. A friend of mine referred me to Jackie and said she would be able to work with me over the phone because I live out of state.


I was immediately impressed from our first conversation! Jackie was able to take an overwhelming amount of lab work and information and provide a simple, clear explanation of what was going on with me in terms that I could understand. She was very thorough and even pinpointed a few issues that were overlooked by past doctors. Jackie came up with a game plan of how to tackle these issues step by step and I’m already seeing positive changes in just a couple weeks.


I truly feel that Jackie is invested in helping me heal and her warm, friendly demeanor shows that. She takes her time and talks to me as a person, not just a patient, which is important to me. For the first time in years, I am hopeful again that I will be able to work my way back to good health with her help!





I have been yo-yo dieting for years, watching my weight go up and down. Finally, I have reached my goal weight and I am keeping it off. Jackie has helped me find the eating plan that works with my personal and family history. Using her knowledge about genetics and metabolism along with hormones has provided me with the success I have been missing in a weight management program. She really understands the right eating plan makes all the difference. I used the Alcat food intolerance testing to help determine what foods my body did not respond well to. I have lost 65 pounds and love the new me!!




I am a middle-aged man (55 years old) and I wasn’t feeling quite as lean and healthy as I would have liked. Jackie was able to look at my lab results and see how my low muscle mass was related to my testosterone. She also discovered a thyroid problem that had kept my energy level drained. Jackie worked with my physician to correct my thyroid disorder and put me on some vitamins that boosted my testosterone levels back into range. My doctor was shocked she could do all these things without giving me testosterone shots. Now I am putting on muscle and looking younger than I am. I am a believer in functional medicine.




Working with Jackie has been so enlightening.  Her insights have made a huge difference for both of my children, and for me.  Jackie has a real understanding of the body's systems and how interrelated problems can be.  


For me, she has helped with thyroid issues, hormone balance and blood sugar regulation, among other things.  For the kids, she has helped them understand the importance of eating the right foods that take into account their intolerances, and also the importance of managing their blood sugar levels.  Educating them in these two areas alone has allowed them to maintain their overall health and to improve their attention tremendously.  


With dietary changes and a new supplement, Jackie was able to successfully transition my daughter from ADHD medication to an over the counter supplement.  Her growth reverted back to normal levels, and her mood stabilized.  


We can't thank Jackie enough for all she's done!





I met Jackie while working with her at a local hospital approximately 4.5 yrs ago. I was stressed out and began talking with her about vitamins and alternatives to traditional medicine. I instantly connected with her and began taking vitamins she recommended. I have grown to appreciate her more and more as she has walked me through some difficult times, always showing much compassion. Earlier this year I had a total hysterectomy which threw me for a loop, she helped me navigate through this hormonal roller coaster and I can say today I am feeling much better. She is thorough in her practice and explains everything in terms I can understand. I would highly recommend Jackie and I am extremely grateful that our paths have crossed.




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